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A month-long internship: Francis Libiran Weddings (June 21, 2014)

Francis Libiran is one of the most famous and talented fashion designer in the Philippines. He’s a graduate of University of Santo Tomas (same as my alma mater) with a degree in Architecture but then decided to pursue his love for fashion (he is also a graduate of Fashion Institute of the Philippines). He is even known internationally because of his intricate designs. Showbiz people here in the Philippines and abroad, including America’s Next Top Model Host Tyra Banks, already donned his awesome creations.

Tyra Banks at the 2014 Flawsome Ball in Francis Libiran creation
(Photo Source: Style Bible)


I so love his designs and techniques! When I heard (from the people in Fashion Institute of the Philippines) that Francis Libiran is looking for interns to help him with the collection for the upcoming bridal show on June 21, 2014, I gave my number to one of his subordinates. The next thing I know, I was already going to his shop at Quezon City twice a week (whenever I don’t have classes) from May to June 2014. The interns do not work with him though. But yes, we see him often. And he would sometimes chat with us interns. He’s such a nice guy :) No wonder everyone loves him. Anyway, his creative director and the staff were the ones in charge of handling the interns.

The hard work were not assigned to new interns. But at least I was able to help in some ways. I just cut several patterns, cut and fuse fabrics, glue and sew embellishments, and I got to watch the Bridal Show Models Go See at The Peninsula Manila :D Lucky!

Francis Libiran Bridal Show 2014_internship_02
My first day of internship. Began cutting patterns.


Francis Libiran_models go see

Francis Libiran_models go see_2014
At the Models Go See. There’s Katarina, winner of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2.


Francis Libiran Bridal Show 2014_internship_01
Last week of internship. Sewing the embellishments.


Of course I was also there during the Bridal Show. Everyone was busy from morning til night, starting from the dress rehearsals until the end of the show. Although it was busy, I had fun :) And I grabbed that chance to have my picture taken with the awesome Francis Libiran. Yey! And other celebrities as well, including Venus Raj (I can’t believe she only has a 24-inch waistline. Are you still eating, Miss? :-/ What’s your secret? :D ).

Francis Libiran Bridal Show 2014_stage setup

Francis Libiran Bridal Show 2014_backstage pass

Francis Libiran Bridal Show 2014_models dress rehearsals
Dress rehearsals of the models


Francis Libiran Bridal Show 2014_EJ falcon

With Ejay Falcon


Francis Libiran Bridal Show 2014_Christian Bautista

With Christian Bautista


Francis Libiran Bridal Show 2014_Venus Raj

With Venus Raj


Francis Libiran Bridal Show 2014_01

Francis Libiran Bridal Show 2014

Francis Libiran Bridal Show 2014_francis libiran_02

Francis Libiran Bridal Show 2014_francis libiran

Francis Libiran Bridal Show 2014_francis libiran03

With Francis Libiran


It was a short internship period, and I wasn’t able to learn a lot but it was an experience to remember :) I did not regret it. Thanks, Francis :)

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