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A night at Fide Fashion Week (October 16, 2013) and my struggles before the event

Liking pages on Facebook is awesome! I have already won several items just by joining contests posted on Facebook Pages (thank you for the notifications haha). And winning a pair of tickets to a night at Fide Fashion Week 2013 was one of the best! Woot! Last October 11, Bellabox posted that they’re giving away ten pairs of tickets to Fide Fashion Week (one-day pass only).

bellabox_fide fashion week tickets giveaway(Photo Source: Bellabox Facebook Page)

And because I received the Facebook notification, I shared their post and tagged a friend right away. When they announced the winners last Monday, October 14, my name and my friend’s name were included. I was filled with joy! Then it hit me – I don’t know what to wear (this is a common dilemma of ladies haha)! Aaaccck! I left all my dresses and high heeled shoes back at home (Philippines) when I moved here in Singapore. And most clothes that I have here are very casual (sneakers, shorts and jeans). I had to ask money from my husband so I could buy clothes for the event (it’s very embarrassing). It’s my first time to attend a fashion show so I was not really sure what to wear. I had to Google it just to be sure.

The next day, October 15, I was still not sure what to wear. I had to head to the nearest mall and my roomie came along so she could help me. We saw a lot of clothes I could wear but they were quite expensive (I’m a housewife. Everything is expensive to me). Then we came across a boutique that has a big sale of dresses. Every dress was worth S$49.90. I thought I have found the dress I could wear. Until I tried it…

The fit below my torso is just not right… and it’s too long. I could have it altered but then I changed my mind. If I buy this one, I could only wear it once. But if I buy clothes that I can mix and match, that would be better. So I continued my search…

I forgot how many shops we’ve been in before we arrived at Kiyo. That’s where roomie found a white top that suits my taste. I bought it for S$39 (original price was S$79). It looks like a sleeveless blazer vest with a long chiffon back. I’m going to show it later in this post. Then I just bought a black tank top from Uniqlo that I can wear inside the white top.

I decided not to buy bottoms and use my old ones instead. The bronze leggings I bought from The Ramp Crossings last year was perfect (but now it’s silver. It sucks. It didn’t turn silver the last time I washed it). For the shoes and makeup, I borrowed them from one of my housemates.

For my hair, I had no idea what to do. If I curl it, it won’t last long. If I let it down, it’s boring. Then my sister said (via BBM) I should do a teased ponytail, including the bangs. Hmm… I was hesitant to do that because I don’t want people to see my huge forehead (yes, I’m very conscious). And my hair strands are so fine, sometimes teasing doesn’t work. Oh, and the makeup! I want smokey eyes but I really don’t know how to put on makeup (except for the eyebrows). Seriously, I don’t. My own makeup artist is my sister but she’s not here with me. *Sigh*. But I still have until the next day to decide and practice my look. Whatever will be, will be.

The next day, my roomie and I practiced the smokey eyes. It was a big failure! T_T No matter what tutorial we follow, we couldn’t do it right (and we lack certain makeup brushes). Well, maybe that’s not for me. I searched for other looks that will suit my eyes (and easier to do). I remember repinning makeup tutorials on Pinterest before so I checked my account. This look caught my eye:

(Photo Source: Fereckels)


Cute, right? Only problem was, I don’t have a yellow shade. But I still decided to try it out. Here’s the result. Tada!

trial green, blue, black cat eye makeup

Not bad for a beginner, haha! I tried another look but I still like the green one better.

Next was my hair. Curls were no good even if wax was applied. They would only last a few minutes. So we tried teasing my hair into a ponytail. Roomie helped me out and we did it! It’s a little loose though.

teased ponytail

After our practice, I took a quick bath then fixed my hair again. By the way, I learned a good trick. Before you blow dry, put lots and lots of wax on your hair (I used a Gatsby and Bench Clay Doh). This technique made my hair really rough, ready for teasing. But it’s not advisable to do this everyday as it can damage your hair.

teased ponytail steps

I put on my makeup right after. Doing both eyes took me longer than I expected. It’s getting late so I wasn’t able to take a picture of it. Boo.

As I remember, the Bellabox giveaway ticket was for the 7:30 show of October 16. But when I got the tickets, they were good for all the three shows that day. I felt so bad that I wasn’t able to watch Michael Cinco, a Filipino designer in Dubai. I wasn’t able to support him :( I saw his collections in other bloggers’ pages and they were wonderful. I hope I can watch him the next time he shows the world his breathtaking designs (please please please). Despite that, I still feel lucky to be there watching another designer’s collection (Vatit Itthi from Thailand). So I’m giving a big thanks to Bellabox! :)

tickets to Fide Fashion week 2013

I was posing for my friend when Mr. Michael Ozaki from SAP Media Singapore also took my picture. He asked where I’m from. Maybe he thought I was working for some big company. Anyway, he still gave me his card and said I was well dressed for the night haha. I hope he would upload his pictures online so I can see my picture :D

My friend and I were not sitting at the front row so my pictures are not that good. And most of them were blurry T_T

The designs of Vatit Itthi were elegant and not too extravagant. Most of the ensembles have flowers on it, one of the things I like :) I also love the pastel colors she used on the gowns.

Vatit Itthi design_01

Vatit Itthi design_02

Vatit Itthi design_03


  1. Nice! Your eyes look good with that eye shadow. How I wish I also know how to put one haha. And I must say that Mr. Ozaki was right, you were well dressed! Awesome indeed! Glad to see photos of you and pianx here. :)


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