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Aqua Mineral: beauty from the Dead Sea

Aqua Mineral is a health and beauty brand that creates awesome products from the minerals found in the Dead Sea. The brand focuses on creating a care line to promote the skin’s well being and counteract the effects of ageing.

aqua mineral

(Photo Source: Aqua Mineral PH Facebook Page)


The Dead Sea salts and its benefits

Let me give you a little bit of information about the Dead Sea so you could understand the product line offered by Aqua Mineral better.

dead-sea-shoreline2(Photo Source: Naturalis Historia)

The Dead Sea is also called “Sea of Salt” and it is one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water with 34.2% salinity (as of 2011) and is composed of the following minerals: magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, chloride and bromide. It is so salty (9 times saltier than the ocean) that it can’t support aquatic life, hence its name. It may not be the ideal home for fishes but the Dead Sea has become popular with the humans because of its therapeutic effects. Its salts can even heal the human body and can be used as treatment for rhino sinusitis, osteoarthritis, psoriasis and other skin ailments. The Dead Sea minerals are also used to help fight ageing.

Amazing, huh?


The wonders of Aqua Mineral

When you think of skincare products, what are the brands that come to your mind? I bet most of you will think of a Korean brand. If not, maybe you thought of the most advertised or the most hyped brands (I don’t have to name it all). Apparently, there are also other beauty brands that are not being advertised much so we won’t know them until we see their kiosk somewhere inside a mall. Just like the brand Aqua Mineral. It’s a shame though that people don’t know anything about the Aqua Mineral products. Not only are these products effective but the results are immediate. And they are made from the minerals found in the Dead Sea. That’s what’s different. Since the minerals from the Dead Sea have a lot of benefits, you can be assured that Aqua Mineral will provide the same. Expect the results to be more awesome because these products are mixed with innovative Renovage™, Resistem™ and Tightenex™ technology. Aqua Mineral revolutionizes traditional skin care solutions by working with your skin’s natural powers of recovery, helping it to achieve a natural, healthy glow. And don’t worry, these products do not contain harmful chemicals like SLS and parabens.

Ah, here’s the catch: Aqua Mineral products are more expensive than you think. It’s a good thing they’re not advertised. Because if they were, imagine the price increase. Eeek! But buying these products is more affordable compared to going to the Dead Sea just to take a dip in its salty water or scrub your skin with muddy sand. These products even cost less than the services/products you pay for in wellness clinics like Belo and Forever Flawless. I’ll show you numbers later. Anyway, I think they are a good investment. If budget is the least of your concern, you may opt to buy the products from any of their series. If on a budget, you can at least try one. I recommend you to buy the salt scrub which is worth Php3400. You won’t regret it :) Why am I saying these things? Because I experienced the beauty of these products myself. I’ll show you :)

One of my close friends, Sarah, and I were invited to an event where people from Aqua Mineral introduced their line of Dead Sea skincare products: body care, nail care, facial care, anti aging, masks and skincare products for men.

Here’s a picture of us right before the event started.

bondate with aqua mineral


The products Aqua Mineral offers were laid on a long table for all of us to see. I wasn’t able to try them all because I just want to try the basic ones.

aqua mineral_products03

aqua mineral_products02

aqua mineral_products01


And here’s the product that we tried first: The Nail Kit Treatment. The kit comes with a rectangular nail buffer, cuticle oil, nail file and a velvet touch hand and body lotion. The small kit is worth Php3000 and the big one is Php3500. Before you say it’s too much, just think how much you’re spending on your manicure monthly. Average is around Php220 per manicure. In a month, there are people who go to the salon twice for a manicure. That’s around Php440 already. And that price doesn’t even include other treatments like hand lotion and cuticle oil. Unless you pay for another service, the hand spa. Compute how much you spend for manicure/hand spa in a year. It’s also too much. You just don’t notice it. So the price of the Aque Mineral Nail Kit Treatment is worth less than a whole year of manicure/pedicure/hand spa. You’ll even end up having healthier and more beautiful nails and hands after using this kit.

The kit comes with this amazing buffer which is also made from the minerals of the dead sea. Yes I know you can see nail buffers in Watsons and other stores but they are cheap and doesn’t last long– not like the Aqua Mineral nail buffer. And the best part is: Aqua Mineral nail buffer has a lifetime warranty. Once it’s worn out, you can exchange it for a new one! You just have to go to any Aqua Mineral kiosk.

aqua mineral_nail buffer

Here is Sarah giving the nail buffer a try.

aqua mineral nail buff in action

And look! A shiny nail!

after using aqua mineral nail buff


I also tried the Total Silk Body Scrub and it was wonderful! This product is one of my favorites. The cost is Php3400 but it’s really worth it, I promise. Just a small amount was placed on my wet palm and I scrubbed my hands with it. The salt did not melt right away even after getting wet. Other scrubs I have tried in the past were no match.

aqua mineral total silk scrub in action

After a few seconds of scrubbing, I washed it away with water and my hands were super silky smooth! As in super! The water I used to wash my hands became brown (eek!). The beauty consultant told me that they are my dead skin cells removed by the scrub. Using this product once in every two weeks will make your skin more beautiful and healthier. A bottle can even last up to six months with this usage.

dead skin cells removed by Aqua Mineral Total Silk body scrub


I have also tried the Clarity Peeling Gel (it is similar to Bio-Essence’s Deep Exfoliating Gel). A small container costs Php6800. This gel exfoliates the face and gives your skin a healthy glow. I tried it on my arm and a lot of dead skin cells were removed (it just shows that my current soap is no good). The beauty consultant even joked that I did not take a bath -_- Boo..

aqua mineral clarity peeling gel_01

aqua mineral clarity peeling gel_02

After washing, there was a huge difference between my arms — and it’s not just because of the lighting. I do want to buy this product but I guess it was too much for me.

aqua mineral clarity peeling gel_before and after

So there you go. I hope I was able to convince you to try some of the products from Aqua Mineral :) Remember to visit their kiosks to learn more! Oh and by the way, when you decide to purchase, please do not forget to mention my blog: Maybe you could get a discount :)

UPDATE (December 11, 2014)

Here are discount vouchers that you can print to avail discounts on certain items :) Valid until January 31, 2015.

1) MNK (Man Kit)
35 % on Man Kit


2) BBNK (Body Butter, Body Scrub and Nail Care Kit)
Get the Butter and Scrub for 6,200 and get the Nail Kit as a gift for 2500


3) OBC (Optima +)
Get the Optima + for 44,999 and get the body care set (Body Scrub, Body Butter, Mud Soap, Mineral Soap and Body Lotion) for free


4) CTM (Cleanser and Toner)
Get the Cleanser and Toner for 3,000 and get the mudsoap for free



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