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Arnold Galang Philippine Fashion Week Holiday Collection 2014

Designer: Arnold Galang

Unit 209 Prince David Condominium, 305 Katipunan Ave., Quezon City
T: 632.382.1788
M: 0917.803.5688


Collection Description

JO0G6059 JO0G6089(Photo Source: Philippine Fashion Week)

Poetically called “Shattered Symmetry”, Arnold Galang’s Holiday 2014 collection is “inspired by the dynamic compositions of art and photography that assemble and collage various shapes, forms and patterns to create an asymmetrical type of balance.” Stark, minimal, and with an intentional imbalance and asymmetry, Arnold’s Holiday collection for the year is and slightly experimental, using materials such as silk, jersey, and the very on-trend sporty neoprene, in a slick and sleek palette of black, white and monotones. The result? Loose and voluminous silhouettes made to achieve a very composed, complete and cohesive look that ties together the jarring elements of his inspiration.

— Philippine Fashion Week


What I can say

An all-black collection. It fits well with its title “Shattered Symmetry”. The asymmetrical silhouettes and the experimental mix of fabrics gave each and every wardrobe an edgy look. I like how the garments flow and they look so comfortable to wear.

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