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Black Box: a free sample box in Singapore

I would love to review new products but I’m a little bit behind with the latest trends and releases. And, I’m a bit hesitant to buy products because it will be a waste of money when you buy it only to find out that the product is not for you (your skin gets irritated or your skin breaks out). I’m a bit paranoid (and thrifty haha), don’t you think?

I’ve been searching the internet for free samples and fortunately, there are beauty brands in Singapore that give away samples. That solved my dilemma of trying out products before buying them. But that doesn’t mean that I will be updated regarding releases of new products. Then I came across some websites offering to send you boxes of several samples every month — FOR A FEE. Around 20-30 SGD per month. I think it’s a good deal, but not for someone unemployed who can’t afford to spend that much.

So I kept searching and saw that there’s a new sampling box (well it was new since January 2013. And I didn’t hear about it until now). This time it’s FREE. Yey! It’s the Black Box Singapore.

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So yeah, I got curious and subscribed this morning. I will update my blog as soon as I receive my box (if ever I receive it and I DO hope I will receive it). I heard that Black Box not only sends beauty products, but also other gifts for dining, fashion and getaways. Now that is what I call a GREAT DEAL. Please surprise me :D

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If you are currently in Singapore, you may subscribe here:


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