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Canmake Eyebrow Liquid pen review

Brand: Canmake
Product Name: Eyebrow Liquid Pen
Colors: (1) Natural Brown and (2) Light Brown
Price: (Sorry, I don’t know. This was a gift from my best friend)
canmake eyebrow liquid pen


Claims of Canmake Eyebrow Liquid Pen

Here’s the info from their website:

Won’t disappear! Liquid eyebrow is fast-drying, resists rubbing and skin oils, and fills in small spaces.

Resists rubbing & skin oils!

Even if you touch the line by mistake – or skin oil wells up – the line will not change! Line will not bleed or disappear due to rubbing or skin oils.

A natural finish

Layer on this thin application type to achieve the thickness you want.


More about Canmake Eyebrow Liquid Pen

  • Packaging is simple. But everything is in Japanese, no English translation. Maybe because my bestfriend bought it in another country (?). I cannot read the ingredients and the directions :(
  • The tip is similar to brush-type markers and it’s not difficult to draw on your eyebrow.
    canmake eyebrow liquid pen tip
  • First stroke is light. Adding more strokes makes the color a bit darker. I only have the #2 shade with me.
    canmake eyebrow liquid pen stroke
  • My brows looked natural after I used this eyebrow makeup. Here are pictures before and after. Take note that I did not use any filter  for these photos. I just adjusted the brightness :)
    canmake eyebrow liquid pen before and after application
  • It is NOT waterproof. But it would still last even if you perspire :D There might be a need to retouch though.
  • Not recommended to apply AFTER you applied foundation/bb cream/primer as it may clog the brush. I did apply moisturizer and let my face absorb it first prior to using the eyebrow liquid pen. That worked.
  • Easy to remove. I just washed my face with a facial cleanser and tada! My eyebrows were back to normal. No need to use a makeup remover.


My Verdict

I love this eyebrow makeup! This eyebrow liquid pen is perfect for those people who do not like spending too much of their time putting on makeup. There are days that I feel lazy putting on BB cream and then I still have to do my brows — the process seems like an eternity. But I still want my brows to look good. And enter Canmake Eyebrow Liquid Pen! I like the fact that I can simply apply it without the need to apply foundation/bb cream/brow wax first. The final look is not a gradient effect though, like the one you see in magazines and bridal shoots, but it’s natural looking and definitely better than having no makeup at all. Fills in the gaps and doesn’t look awkward (well for me). Looks good in picture as well. Recommended for daily wear. Also I can bring it with me all the time without the added bulk (most of the time I leave the house without makeup on and will just apply it later on whenever I want to). No need to use other brushes for application.

NOTE: This is not a sponsored review. I’ve written my honest opinions and results based on my experience.

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