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Cherry Samuya Veric Philippine Fashion Week Holiday Collection 2014

Designer: Cherry Samuya Veric

Unit 240 The Ramona Apartment 1555 M. Adriatico St., Ermita Manila
T: 826.7738
M: 0916.607.4388


Collection Description

CEL_7166 CEL_7176 CEL_7210(Photo Source: Philippine Fashion Week)

“My collection takes off from music, which–like fashion–denotes the expression of an individual style embodied in different forms,” as Cherry Samuya Veric describes his collection. With a range of designs that are altered and created through layering, mixing, and sorting fabric and ornamentation, Cherry’s aim for these pieces were to create truly lavish garments. With a palette of nude, white and blue in the form of tulle, lace, Mikado silk, and chemical lace, Cherry went with body-hugging silhouettes to inspire confidence in every wearer–the perfect note that will sing well with real luxury.

— Philippine Fashion Week


What I can say

Sexy silhouettes with a mix of gold, nude and blue. The details are very intricate with an illusion to make the wearer even sexier. Some dresses in the collection looks more like something a bride would wear. And with those body-hugging silhouettes, it seems that the wearer should be sexy enough to don the collection. Cherry did say that he went with this style to inspire confidence to the one who would wear his designs. Hopefully it will really inspire confidence.

I love that cape, though.

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