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Cure Natural Aqua Gel Review

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cure natural aqua gel
Product Name:
Cure Natural Aqua Gel
Purpose: exfoliant; removes layers of dry, dead, or rough skin to obtain clear, firm, and ideal skin.
Price: Php1,500
Availability: Beauty Bar stores, Rustan’s (Shangri-la, Makati, ATC), and SM Department stores in Megamall, Mall of Asia, Makati, Aura and North EDSA.


I fell in love with this product the first time I laid eyes on it. It looks so simple and yet so attractive. Cure is made in Japan and it made me want this product more. I first saw Cure on the shelf when I was staying in Singapore way back in 2013. There was a trial bottle in Watson’s so I tried rubbing it at the back of my hand. It was like magic! I knew I have found the perfect exfoliant.

However, due to the fact that I wasn’t working back then and money was so tight, I decided not to purchase Cure and settled for a cheaper product (sniff).

But two years later, I finally got my hands on Cure! And I didn’t even buy it haha. Marj Sia (one of the famous beauty bloggers in the Philippines) had this giveaway so I took my chance and tried my luck. After meeting her at the makeup workshop, she sent me a text and told me she picked me to be the winner of Cure Natural Aqua Gel. That’s so nice of her :)

So anyway, on with the review.

Claims of Cure Natural Aqua Gel

  • Japan’s No.1 Exfoliator
  • No artificial coloring, fragrance, or preservatives
  • A water based exfoliator gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin
  • Natural plant extracts of rosemary, ginko and aloe vera
  • One bottle sold every 12 seconds in Japan

More about Cure Natural Aqua Gel

  • Ingredients:
    water, glycerin, acrylates/C-10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, discoocodimonium chloride, steartrimonium bromide, aloe barbadenis leaf extract, ginkgo bilboa extract, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract, butylene glycol.
  • Packaging is simple. Clear bottle and a pump. Most of what’s written is in Japanese but there is also an English equivalent so there is no need to study Nihongo for now :)
  • Directions:
    1. Wash your face as you normally would. Dry off completely (Cure doesn’t work too well if your skin is wet/damp).
    2. Pump the nozzle 3 to 5 times to obtain the appropriate amount of gel onto your fingertips and apply to the desired area. Leave it on the skin for a few moments allowing Cure to react with the dead skin cells.
    3. Gently massage in circular motion for 30 seconds to 1 minute. (Do not rub too hard). The gel will turn into a milky white color, and beads of dead skin cells can be seen as they are lifted off the skin. (Just like in the picture below)
    cure-dead skin
    4. Rinse well with water and then follow your regular skin care regime as you normally would.
    5. For best results, use Natural Aqua Gel twice a week.
  • Cure can also be used on other parts of the body where dead skin cells tend to accumulate, such as hands, elbow, neck and knees.
  • Consistency is like that of a hand sanitizer.
  • There is a slight alcohol smell but it doesn’t bother me much.
  • My face feels refreshing every time I exfoliate using Cure.
  • Blackheads are not totally gone (specially those that are in too deep) but the visible bumps on the surface can be removed by Cure.
  • My skin did not break out when I started using Cure. It’s great for sensitive, normal, oily and dry skin.
  • Even if I rub Cure too hard, it doesn’t hurt compared to facial scrubs.

My Verdict

It was love at first sight, haha! But seriously, the product is awesome. For Php1500, it’s worth it. Besides, it can last up to 4 months or more (depends how often you use it). I just use this instead of visiting a dermatologist for a monthly facial.

NOTE: This is not a sponsored review. I’ve written my honest opinions and results based on my experience.


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