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Earn money when you shop or book online with ShopBack!

Earn money when you shop — is that even possible? Apparently, yes! There is a website where you can get cash back every time you shop for clothes, electronics, and groceries. You can even book hotels or flights and save several cash :) There is no catch!

What is this website?

It’s ShopBack! shopback

It was first established in Malaysia and Singapore, but it’s making its way to the Philippines. Shopback gives back CASH every time you shop for items through their website. Yes, you read that right — CASH. Not points, not items, but cash.

How ShopBack works

Let’s say for example you want to book hotels through Agoda. Instead of going directly to Agoda’s website, go to Shopback and search for the store Agoda. Book then earn! You might still have some doubts so I’ll show how it reaaaally works.

Step 1: Go to Sign up and setup payment details.

Sign up by clicking here. You can use your Facebook login or email.



Once you’re done signing up, do not forget to setup payment details in your Account. All cashback will be credited to your bank account. Amazing, right?


Step 2: Navigate

    • Using Search.
      search-box-02If you want to browse hotels and flights that are offered in Agoda, just simply type “Agoda” in the search text box and hit enter.
      Suggested stores according to what you typed will appear. You may click on that, too. Then, all available deals from this shop will be displayed.


    • Using drop-down Categories
      If you want to check all travel-related deals, you may also search the Categories section and choose Travel. I do have a little problem though. The site has a lot of categories and I can only see the top of the T (for Travel). Maybe it’s also because of my screen haha.
      No worries, just hover your mouse and click that area so all travel-related deals will be displayed — both travel stores and travel products. There, you can find websites like Expedia and too!


  • Using the side bar categories
    Popular categories are displayed at the left side of the screen. You may choose whatever category you feel like browsing. Let’s select Travel again, shall we?
    The displayed result is still the same as above :)


Step 3: Select the store you desire and click “Shop Now”.

Let’s click the Agoda shop. This will be displayed. Just click “Shop Now”.

A pop-up message will display with a list of cashback tiers in your selected shop, including terms and conditions. Terms will depend on the merchant. So for Agoda, here’s the list and terms:

Upon clicking “Shop Now”, a new window will open and you will be redirected to the merchant’s site. Here’s an image that indicates the site loading.


In this case, we chose Agoda so we were redirected to Agoda’s site. However, you will notice that the URL is a bit different. It just means it’s linked to your cashback account :)


Step 4: Shop using the newly opened window

Shop as usual :) But remember, you must complete the purchase WITHIN THE SAME WINDOW that ShopBack opened.

But the merchant’s site keeps opening a new window each time I click a link…

If the merchant’s site opens another window and lets you complete the transaction in yet another window, this won’t be valid for a cashback :(

So here’s a trick. Before clicking “Shop Now” in Shopback’s site, you must browse through the merchant’s site first so you know exactly what to buy.

Here’s a sample of what I searched in Agoda. I want to go to Bangkok but I have no idea which hotel I should choose. So I browsed Agoda’s site first for hotels in Bangkok.


Agoda displayed several results. For the purpose of presentation, I’m going to choose the first hotel shown: “The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam”


I have decided to book this hotel so I went back to Shopback and clicked Shop Now.

I’m gonna show this screenshot again to avoid confusion :)

ShopBack redirected me once again to Agoda’s site. This time, I typed the name of the hotel then clicked Search.


Tada! Agoda just redirected me the the purchase page within the same window :)





How much is the cashback? When will it reflect?

Keep in mind that cashback will depend on the merchant’s terms.

For hotel bookings in Agoda, cashback will only reflect within 60 days after you have completed your stay (as stated in their terms). But don’t worry, all cashback is tracked :) To ensure your cashback is being tracked, you can also download a browser extension. You can find out more here

Once cashback is reflected in your account, you may check if it’s redeemable and you may request for payout directly to your bank. Yey!

Just for fun, let’s compute how much I will earn for booking the hotel in Bangkok using Agoda through Shopback.

Computation of total cashback:


Not bad, eh?

The savings don’t just end there! Ber months are here so it’s time to prepare for Christmas shopping! Check out Shopback’s Christmas Sales page to keep updated on all the sales they have coming your way!

So what are you waiting for? Shop now through Shopback!

For more information, watch the video below:

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