Facial Experience at New York Skin Solutions (Ngee Ann City)

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I received a call last week from New York Skin Solutions as a response to what I have sent through Singtel previously (to tell you the truth I forgot that I sent one through Singtel, but I did remember filling out a form for a facial from HerWorld Plus). Prior to setting up an appointment, I made sure that what they’re offering me was indeed free. They said it’s free for first time customers. Though it was free, I was still hesitant because of the reviews I’ve read. Most of them have written that the people working in NYSS can be really pushy. They will offer you packages and won’t stop until you say “YES”. And if you don’t, they start to be rude. I thought I can handle it, so I fixed an appointment with their Ngee Ann City branch, 10th of August 2013 at 4:30PM.

I took several shots of my face before the facial treatment. But I’ll just show you one hehe. FYI, I did not adjust this picture.

face flaws


The day of the appointment: As usual, I was late (my bad haha). It’s bad enough that I left home late, I also didn’t know where New York Skin Solutions was. All I know was it’s at the 5th level of Ngee Ann City Tower B, but I really didn’t know how to get there from Orchard MRT. I got a little lost but I got there anyway — 15 minutes late. But they still accommodated me. Safe!

When I got there, they took my IC for registration purposes. Then they made me wait in a tiny room. I was preparing myself to reject them in case they offered me more than the trial facial. A few minutes later, I was asked to fill out a form (to check if I have any diseases or disorders or allergies). A skin consultant came in after that and asked me several questions (what are my skin concerns, what’s my job, how long have I been to Singapore, etc.). She also told me that dark circles around my eyes are very obvious and asked why is that so. Well, it must be the stress I experienced when I was still working. Anyway, she used a scanner (check the picture below. The scanner is the silver one on top of the printer) to analyze the areas of my face. I know I have several flaws but it didn’t seem that bad. But after she scanned my face, everything seemed worse (I wasn’t able to take a picture of the results. Too bad). Results showed that my forehead was oily, my nose has blackheads (yeah, I know already), my face is starting to sag, the skin around the eyes is dark, and lines are starting to show. Also, some areas of my face differ in color, especially around the eye area. Then that’s it: she started offering me packages that will target those flaws. Three sessions will cost around S$ 338, it was already a discounted rate (she said). If I don’t avail now, it will cost S$900++ (she said). Apparently, the free facial will not solve my skin problems. Of course I refused. I told her I need to consult my husband about this first, because I’m a housewife and this treatment is just too much. She still explained this and that but I was firm about my decision. I even told her that I’ll just try the free facial and if it works well for my skin, I might consider their package (I told her that so she won’t insist). She did not become rude after my second refusal, and did not even dare to insist further. So I guess those reviews I’ve read are not applicable to all branches. Whew.

5:00PM — They led me to the treatment room after the discussion. It was only separated by thin walls and curtains.

And they told me to change into this. I only removed my blouse and put this tube dress on. After lying down, I was also covered with a towel. No need to be shy, hehe.

new york skin solutions treatment room

First step: Cleansing. Not only my face but also my neck up to the shoulders.

Second step: Moisturizing mask. The lady said my skin was very dry (really? That’s funny, I’ve been using moisturizers for the past few weeks and it’s still dry?! But I haven’t put anything on my face prior to this treatment. That must be it). So she put a facial mask on my face. The one with the holes. I don’t know what kind that was, haha. My eyes were also covered, so I couldn’t really do/see anything. I wasn’t even able to take a picture of myself (gaah!). A machine was also placed in front of my face which made the air warm, but not really hot. This procedure lasted for 20-30 minutes (I guess).

Third step: Whiteheads/Blackheads extraction. Aack, the pain! It hurts, as usual. Specially on my nose :( I felt tears in my eyes because of the pain.

Fourth step: Eyebrows. I never thought that fixing the eyebrows was part of this facial treatment. I had no idea. When the lady was plucking my eyebrows, I actually thought she was still extracting blackheads. It was already too late when I realized that she was really plucking my eyebrows. I was like “Uh-oh. I hope she’s not making it too thin”. I just didn’t react. She shaved the hairs that cannot be plucked, then trimmed what’s left of my brows. I’m a bit frustrated because I was growing it out. I wanted to have thick brows :( And she didn’t even consult me. Huhu.

Fifth step: Collagen. It was applied first on the left side of my face. Then a tool was used to massage the area around my eyes, then a separate tool was used to massage my left cheek and jawline. I guess this is for skin brightening, bounciness and lifting. The lady gave me a mirror so I could see the differences of the left and right side of my face. To be honest, it’s not that obvious. I was more focused on the red spots on my face (the result of the extraction). But yes, there were small changes. It’s more noticeable when the skin is touched. I did not expect more because this was just one treatment. Maybe if this facial is done regularly, changes will be more visible. She proceeded with the right side of my face after the explanation.

Sixth step: Massage. Shoulders and back. Ah, it felt great.

Seventh step: Double Ice Mask — to reduce the redness of my face.┬áIt’s a bit cool after application. It was also applied over my eyes (not directly over my eyes, but on the gauze on my eyes). I was worried at first because the mask was so cool that it somehow hurt my eyes. But I got used to it after a few minutes. I don’t know how long this procedure was, I got really bored. I couldn’t even lie in a different position because the mask might slide off. I’m that impatient haha.

Eight step: Final cleansing. The mask have left residues so my face needed another cleansing.

Ninth step: Moisturizer. The finale.

I got changed then went to the counter to sign something. The skin consultant asked me again if I wanted to avail the package. I just told her the same excuse I told earlier. I took her business card then left without paying a cent :)

My face actually felt cleaner, well moisturized and radiant after the facial. But as I have stated earlier, changes were subtle and it’s more noticeable when the skin is touched.


But hey, it’s free. I have no right to complain haha.

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