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Fashion Institute of the Philippines Graduation Show 2014

FIP Grad Show 2014_stage setup

Last 2nd of October 2014, the Fashion Institute of the Philippines Graduation Show 2014 took place at the Fashion Hall of SM Megamall. Twenty two young designers from all over the Philippines showcased their collection to compete for the “Designer of the Year” award. All the designers showed great potential but only one bagged the said award.

I wasn’t able to watch the whole show since I helped a bit backstage. The show was a success and perfectly executed in the point of view of the watchers. But backstage, it was a different story. It was chaotic and everything seemed so unorganized. Not to mention the space backstage was not enough to fit the twenty two grad students, the i-don’t-know how many models, the alumni students who also showcased one look, the assistants and the stuff of all the designers. It was nearly suffocating.

FIP Grad Show 2014_backstage

The picture above isn’t even half of the chaos I’m talking about. I took this only a few hours before the show started. So you could just imagine what it was like during the show. There were models who needed to have a quick change because they were also assigned to showcase the work of another designer (with just an interval of one or two designers). I do not know how they came up with that arrangement when there were plenty of models. They could have done it in a more organized rotation. Oh well, I guess I’ll never know. But everyone else was entertained with the show :)


FIP Grad Show 2014_grad class


And the “Designer of the Year” award went to…. Via Valencia! :) Not only that, she won almost all of the other awards as well: Best in Garment Construction and Best in Illustration. She was also selected as the 3rd FaDAL Manila’s Novitiate Awardee. It was indeed your night, Via!

FIP Grad Show 2014_Designer of the Year_via valencia

Let’s not forget the other runner-ups. First runner up was Patrick Lazol, the designer I assisted :) Second runner up was Con Cordeta, who also won an award for Best Technique.

To all the other graduates: don’t feel too bad if you did not take home any awards. At least you graduated and you were able to show everyone what you are capable of! Congratulations to all of you! :)

**if you wish to see the pictures of the event, visit this facebook page.

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