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Fashion21 Double Up Mascara Review

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fashion21 double up mascara
Brand: Fashion21
Product Name: Double Up Mascara
Colors: Black
Price: Php225
Availability: Department Stores


Claims of Fashion21 Double Up Mascara

This mascara highlights your eyes like no other. Its special formula is designed to make your lashes two times longer and stronger the moment you apply it without weighing your eyes down. This mascara also lasts for a long time without running or smudging, and the unique, fine-bristled wand lets you glide this product on easily without having to worry about clumping. No wonder it’s considered one of the best, if not the best, mascaras around by local makeup gurus.

 More about Fashion21 Double Up Mascara
  • I love how “sexy” the packaging looks. Red is my favorite color so it really looks appealing.
  • As they claim, the wand has fine bristles and it’s made of rubber.
    fashion21 double up mascara - spool
  • Because of the rubber bristles, it tends to clump less. However, just like any mascara, applying too much may make it clump.
  • My already-long-and-thick eyelashes became more defined after using the Double Up Mascara. It may seem a little longer but the length did not literally double. I do not want to overdo it so I only applied 2 coats on my upper eyelashes (not my lower lashes). It still looks natural :)
    fashion21 double up mascara effect
  • It did not smear the whole day I was wearing it despite the hot and humid weather.
  • The mascara washes off effortlessly. No need to use a makeup remover. I just used my favorite facial cleanser and rinsed it off with water.

My Verdict

I love how natural my lashes look after using Fashion21 Double Up Mascara. It’s great for daily wear and when trying to look au naturale. But don’t expect it to have a very dramatic effect. I’m not sure if I could recommend this mascara to those who does not have thick eyelashes — it doesn’t add volume. So if you need volume, I suggest try something else. Price is still worth it though :)

For more information, you may visit Fashion21’s Facebook Page or their website at

NOTE: Although this is a sponsored review, I’ve written my honest opinions and results based on my experience.


  1. Ness

    I live in the United States (Hawaii) and can’t find this! I had my relatives buy some when they visited the Philippines and I am in love!!! I refuse to use any other mascara lol.


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