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Hello Kitty-themed Spa and Slimming Salon

momsie kitty spa_reception area

I am not a Hello Kitty fan but the concept of a Hello Kitty-themed Spa is a great idea — most girls will be enthused to be pampered in a room filled with Hello Kitty toys and furniture. I admit that I was one of those girls. So when I heard about this spa, I was eager to try it.

Momsie Kitty Spa opened its first branch in Marikina City, Philipines on September 8, 2013. It has only been a year but business is booming. More branches will be opened soon in different parts of the Philippines. Way to go, Momsie!

For now, let me give you a virtual tour inside the Momsie Kitty Spa, Marikina City branch :)



As I went up to the floor where Momsie Kitty Spa is, I was greeted by this display.

momsie kitty spa_outside


As I got nearer the spa, another face of Hello Kitty was there.

momsie kitty spa_outside02


Then I finally arrived at my destination. Yey!

momsie kitty spa_outside03



The reception area of the spa was not big enough. But the ambiance was very girly and homey. There are a lot of stuffed toys and other Hello Kitty merchandise on display. Aside from the reception area, there are two more rooms: Kitty’s room and Daniel’s room. These rooms are for those services other than manicure and pedicure. Kitty’s room is for the girls while Daniel’s room is for the boys (yes, there is a room for the boys. This spa is not just for the ladies). So you don’t have to worry about someone peeking :D

momsie kitty spa_inside01

momsie kitty spa_inside02

momsie kitty spa_reception


Here’s a peek into Kitty’s room:

momsie kitty spa_kitty's room_01

momsie kitty spa_kitty's room_02

momsie kitty spa_kitty's room_03

momsie kitty spa_kitty's room_04

As for Daniel’s room, I wasn’t able to take pictures. Sorry about that.



Here’s a list of the services they offer. Surprisingly, they have affordable rates. But now that they’re a hit, I am not sure if they will be increasing their prices.

momsie kitty spa_rates

You might be wondering about the VIP prices. Momsie Kitty Spa offers a paid membership (I forgot how much it costs). As a member, you may avail the discounted prices of their services every time you visit their place.

Anyway, I visited the place together with five of my family members/friends. Three of us chose to have the Manicure/Pedicure and foot spa. Price is only Php298 for each person. Then one of us chose the RF Super Slimming. My two remaining companions only chose the Manicure/Pedicure service. However, due to lack of manpower, one of us wasn’t pampered right away. The spa only have six workers in that branch and all were already busy (three staff for the three manicure/pedicure/foot spa services, two staff for one RF Super Slimming service, and one staff for the manicure/pedicure service). My sister had to wait for her turn, but eventually decided not to have the service done.

Moving on to my Foot Spa/Manicure/Pedicure experience, these services were done at the reception area (check the pictures I posted above). Imagine if there are more customers having their feet pampered, other customers may have to wait outside the door because there will be no more space left at the reception area (I will post a picture of the waiting area later).

momsie kitty spa_foot spa_02

Here’s the foot massage and the foot scrubbing. I find it quite pleasant, although not remarkable. But I guess I only got what I paid for. Php149 for a foot spa is not bad. It’s still worth it.

momsie kitty spa_foot spa

For the manicure and pedicure, the staff assigned to me did not do her job well. For one thing, she wasn’t gentle when she was using the cuticle pusher. She was already pushing my skin, not the cuticles anymore. I am the kind of person who doesn’t confront other people so I wasn’t able to tell the staff to do the process more gently. I just had to endure it. Another thing, my nails weren’t as clean as it should be before she applied the nail polish. There were small scratches on my nails and there were still dead skin around the nails. I know the staff were trained before this spa opened, but the owners should have continuous evaluation of the staff’s performance to see what they could improve. Just saying… But then again, the manicure/pedicure service is only Php149. Not that expensive for semi-clean nails, hehe.

As for the nail polish, they have those Hello Kitty brands and other brands I am not familiar with. They also have OPI but you need to add Php75 for the hands and another Php75 for the toenails. So a manicure/pedicure service will cost you Php300 if you use OPI nail polish. I think it’s too much so I did not choose to apply OPI on my nails.

momsie kitty spa_nail polish selection

Duration of the Manicure/Pedicure/Foot Spa service is two hours. Too long, I guess. But they have wifi so I was entertained, haha.



The awesome:

  • Homey ambiance
  • Friendly staff
  • They have very affordable services for body, hands/foot, and face (as of September 2014)
  • The spa is open from 12 noon to 12 midnight to accommodate people working on a regular shift
  • separate rooms for girls/ladies and boys/gentlemen (Kitty’s room and Daniel’s room)
  • They have wifi! :)
  • They are open for franchise. Contact them directly if interested.
  • VIP rates for members
  • They offer a spa party by schedule. I cannot elaborate this service because I haven’t tried it yet. But it’s awesome to know that they offer this one :) You may contact them for more details.

The not-so-awesome:

  • Only six staff available (Marikina branch). I don’t know if they have added manpower as of this time.
  • Reception area is small (maybe the other branches are bigger). If the spa is full, waiting customers have to be outside. And I don’t like their waiting area :(

    momsie kitty spa_waiting area

  • They charge too much for their OPI brand of nail polish. Php75 for the hands, and Php75 for the toenails.
  • My manicure/pedicure experience was not that good (according to what I have written in this post).


Overall, it was a pleasant and nice experience even for a person who is not a Hello Kitty fan :)

momsie kitty spa_reception area_02


For more information, you may visit Momsie Kitty Spa and Slimming Salong Facebook page.

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