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Interesting facts and myths about acne

Anyone who went through an acne problem knows the frustration in getting rid of this skin problem. Most people with acne, hunt around beauty stores to discover the most effective skin care product or scour the web for skin care tips.

Sometimes, people would even be willing to massage garlic on their faces just because a friend said that doing so can erase those annoying zits. Blindly believing false information about acne is relatable, because it’s a mistake that most people committed!

After some trial and error with your acne dilemma , you will realize that getting professional advice from a skin expert is the best thing you can do for your skin. But equipping yourself with the right understanding about acne is a must–you can save your skin from terrible aggravations of acne if you know which information is accurate or not.

Expand your knowledge about acne! Here are interesting myths about acne and the truth behind them in this enlightening infographic by SkinCell, a derma clinic in Manila and Taguig.

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