Kimono-inspired White Dress with Cherry Blossoms Detail

I’m so fond of Japanese stuff – especially their clothing. I once wore a kimono during a trip in Kyoto, Japan. It was the autumn season so the thick layer of clothing was very convenient. But the obi (the thick belt) was a bit uncomfortable. And here’s a trivia for you: there were three people who helped me dress up. It’s very tricky to wear one.¬†Anyway, wearing it was fun! Some foreigners even took our pictures as if we were celebrities :D

But what if a kimono is simpler? Here’s my own version :) I’m still not used to copic markers so the color is a bit crappy (especially the shadows). Oh, and a friend of mine said I should remove the big watermark I put on top of my drawings. So I did, hehe.

Materials used:
Copic Markers (R24, E02, N1, R21, R01, E0000)
Ordinary Drawing Book
Mechanical Pencil
Stabilo point 88 Pen

kimono-inspired white dress with cherry blossoms detail

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