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My first try at Fashion Sketching

I’ve always rambled about wanting to be a fashion designer back in the days while I was still working as an Information Systems Engineer. But I never did anything to achieve that dream. Aside from the fact that the IT industry is a very busy world, taking up fashion courses is too pricey (and yes, I also procrastinated especially on weekends).

Since leaving my job and moving here in Singapore, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and exploring stuff (because I’m unemployed and a full-time housewife). I felt that I’m not meant to be in the IT world. So I made use of my time and tried fashion sketching.

My teacher was the internet, so no one’s telling me if I am doing it right or not. First I practiced how to draw the fashion figure. When I got used to drawing them, I tried to draw them with clothes. Here’s the first sketch (with clothes).

first time fashion sketch

I don’t have any other materials that time (aside from pen, paper and pencils). I did not even bother to scan this one haha. Anyway, I never had any formal training or any fashion background so I am not sure if I can work in the fashion industry (for the known clothing companies). But I still have that plan to put up my own clothing line. I won’t stop practicing. As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”.

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