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October 2013 Blackbox

I signed up last July 2013 the moment I knew about this Blackbox and have never received a single box. I was always checking other bloggers’ pages and it seems that they receive their boxes regularly. Not fair :'( Then Blackbox came up with a solution so that other subscribers will have their chances. They started the Balloting System this October wherein you will enter your username and password and you will know right away if you are eligible to receive the box. Fortunately, I saw the notification as soon as Blackbox posted the ballot link on their Facebook page. And yes! I was one of the lucky subscribers :D

My Blackbox came this morning and I couldn’t wait to open it. What a way to start my day, hehe.

blackbox october 2013

blackbox october 2013_02

blackbox october 2013_03


What’s inside the my Blackbox? Check it out!

blackbox october 2013_darlie

blackbox october 2013_mask and lotion

blackbox october 2013_vdl cc cream and nuxe dry oil

blackbox october 2013_vouchers

blackbox october 2013_zappy

These products will be handy :D Now my curiosity was satisfied. Thanks Blackbox!

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If you are currently in Singapore, you may subscribe here:

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