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Peacock-inspired High Low Hem Dress

The Peacock: It must be the most fashionable bird ever (and to think it’s a male!). They have a beautiful plumage which is used to attract females.

Oh I’m attracted, alright. The peacock’s feathers make a good inspiration for fashion. I thought of sketching a dress that looks like a tail, so a high low hem is perfect.

Materials used:
Faber-Castell Watercolor Pencils
Ordinary Drawing Book
HB Pencil (for the draft sketch)
Black Pen (for the final outline)

peacock-inspired skirt

The design is also similar to a skirt (without the tail) hand-sewn by Sarahness, a close friend of mine. She was aiming for a peacock-like skirt using a soft tulle fabric. Here’s a picture of the skirt before it was finished.

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