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Review: Hada Labo Perfect Gel [Sponsored]

Introducing the latest launched product from Hada Labo, the Perfect Gel. Tada!

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hada labo perfect gel with panda eye mask

I started using this since the day it arrived at my doorstep (I posted pictures of the package in my older post). It has only been a few days but I am already loving this product… because it’s so AWESOME! Yes, that’s one word to describe it. Why? Well, allow me to give a technical explanation. It’s called “Perfect Gel” for several reasons. “Perfect” because it functions as 3 in 1: Essence, Sleeping Mask, and Moisturizer — making the skin intensely hydrated and instantly repairs dehydrated skin. There are 5 types of moisturizing ingredients: the 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid (HA, Super HA, Nano HA), Collagen and Ceramide, which penetrates deeply into the skin.

Are we clear? Well I guess that was too technical. Let me now explain in my own words based from what I have experienced. I’ll start over…

I’m one of those people who is guilty of being lazy[in terms of] applying beauty products as part of the daily beauty routine. Right after taking a bath or washing my face in the morning or at night, I just forget about everything else. No toner, no moisturizer, no mask. Nothing. Because of that, my face suffered from dryness. And that dryness caused even more problems. All because I was too lazy to follow my beauty regimen.

Well, guess what? There’s a new gel in town! And I think it’s perfectly designed for people like me (alright!). Hada Labo Perfect Gel is a 3 in 1 intense hydration gel that functions as essence, sleeping mask and moisturizer (oh yeah, I already mentioned that). After cleansing the face and applying toner (or no toner at all), I only need a small amount to apply all over my face and neck. An amount so small can already do wonders.

hada labo perfect gel consistency

hada labo perfect gel amount

The gel is not too creamy, and not too sticky so it’s easy to spread on the skin. But it feels a bit greasy after application. Not to worry, just massage your skin for a while. The gel will be absorbed by the skin and the greasy feeling will be gone. But the shiny look on the face will remain.

hada labo perfect gel application

hada labo perfect gel panda mask

I only use Hada Labo Perfect Gel at night. There is a reason why. It’s not because of my laziness (as what I have stated earlier). It’s because the skin absorbs better at night. So when I apply the gel before going to bed, it can do its magic while I’m sleeping (it’s like I’m Sleeping Beauty). When I wake up each morning, my face is not shiny anymore. It’s so soft, smooth, supple, and I look radiant!  And the best part of it all, the effect of the Hada Labo Perfect Gel can last a whole day! Which means, I don’t need to use it again in the morning or after taking a bath or whatever I do. It doesn’t matter because the effect of the gel is still there :) My face is not dry nor oily. Awesome, right? (I told you!)

after using hada labo perfect gel

By the way, you can also use the Hada Labo Perfect Gel as a sleeping mask. How? Just use a thicker amount on your face. It will not harden like your usual mask but will instantly repair any dehydrated skin.

See what I meant when I said “it must be designed for people like me”? :) So if you’re too busy (or too lazy) to put too many products on your face but you still want a soft, smooth, hydrated skin, then Hada Labo Perfect Gel is perfect for you. It’s powerful, yet so gentle.

The price of Hada Labo Perfect Gel  is S$ 35.90. 

Sponsor: Hada Labo Singapore

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