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Review: Sexy Look strawberry blackhead remover set

I discovered a great way to remove blackheads! Not really discovered but you get what I mean. While I was searching for a good way to remove blackheads [without going to a facial clinic], I found this product in some blogger’s page (I forgot who) and got curious so I looked in different Watsons and Guardian branches in Singapore. But alas! I wasn’t able to find it. I ordered online instead (I had to! There’s nothing like this in the Philippines). I used this product and was really satisfied with the results :) I hope you’re curious, too. This is where I start explaining.

Brand: SexyLook
Name: Strawberry Blackhead Remover Set
Origin: Taiwan

sexy look strawberry blackhead remover set packaging

sexy look strawberry blackhead remover set packaging_front

I am not sure if it is really the number 1 selling beauty product in Taiwan but it got featured in a talk show. Check out the video below (there are no English subtitles).

By the way, the instructions on how to use the product has no English translations. Don’t worry. I’ll include the procedures in this post, too.

sexy look strawberry blackhead remover set packaging_back

But first, let’s take a look at what’s inside. There are three (3) items, all in pink and white plastic packaging: deep sebum softener, sebum purifying mask, pore treatment essence. They are numbered from 1 to 3, which means you have to use them in that order.

sexy look strawberry blackhead remover set


1) Deep Sebum Softener

sexy look deep sebum softener

Before you could use it, you have to cut the tip of the bottle. Be careful not to cut way below the circle, you might make the hole too big.

sexy look deep sebum softener tip

Apply a few drops on your nose (and on any area of your face with blackheads) and massage for 2-3 minutes. The instructions found on the packaging indicated that you should use a cotton. This isn’t necessary. The softener will still be effective either way.

sexy look deep sebum softener consistency

2) Wash your face with lukewarm water (or normal water temperature is fine). Make sure the oily feeling on your skin is gone before proceeding with the next step (if there are any sebum softener left on your face, the mask might not work). Leave your nose damp/wet.

3) Time to use the sebum purifying mask. The mask has a sweet, strawberry scent :) Spread it on your damp nose, not too thick and not too thin. You know you applied it right if it’s not dripping and your skin does not show under the mask. Leave it on for at least 20-30 minutes. If it’s still not hard enough by that time, leave it a little longer (maybe the mask you applied was too thick). Note: when you’re in a room where you find the temperature hot, the mask might not harden. Maybe you can stay in a cooler room.

sexy look sebum purifying mask

sexy look sebum purifying mask consistency

sexy look sebum purifying mask application

4) Peeling time! :) Slowly peel it off starting from the bottom. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt that much — unlike those pore strips (I hate those). The blackheads will be removed with it. Well not totally. But most of it — specially the big ones (eew). At first glance, you would think there are no blackheads on that piece of mask you just removed (because it’s pink and the blackheads are gross-yellow). You have to look closely to see them. It’s embarrassing to post a picture of my blackheads but I know you need to see the results. So here goes (if you can’t see them, the blue arrows will help you, hehe).

sexy look strawberry blackhead remover_result

5) Last step! Use the pore treatment essence to close your pores and remove some pink leftovers on your face. No need to use cotton! :) You can apply it directly on your face and massage a little (just like what you did with the sebum softener).

sexy look pore treatment essence


I have never used (or seen) anything like this set. I only see pore strips and scrubs here in the Philippines. And also the metal used to squeeze out even the deepest blackheads (not to mention, it freakin’ hurts. If used incorrectly, it might also leave a mark on your face). I like Sexy Look’s blackhead remover set better than those stuff :) It prepares you before the extraction by making the blackheads soft for easy removal. When peeling, it doesn’t pull your skin with it (like what those pore strips do) so it doesn’t hurt real bad. And it closes your pores after the extraction — leaving your nose smooth and blackhead-free (sort of). One set will last you for several weeks (if used once a week). I love it, and I think you’ll do, too ;)


I bought it at Q0010 Singapore for SGD 12 (it was on sale and this includes the shipping fee to Singapore). But the original price is SGD 29.90. Quite pricey, I know. You don’t have to buy it at that price. Check the website from time to time to know if it is on sale. Secretive Singapore sometimes sells it for SGD 10 :) You can also check L’amour La Vie Facebook page. Right now they’re having a clearance sale and the’re selling at SGD 10.90 per set (I’m not sure though if they are shipping worldwide).


    1. julianne Author

      oh wow i didn’t know that. But you know, i don’t use pore strips anymore. this product i reviewed is not really a pore strip but a mask :) as I have written, it softens your sebum first before extraction. and it closed your pores again after the extraction. unlike the typical pore strips.


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