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Review: Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum [Sponsored]

skinfood black sugar perfect first serum_2(Above Photo Source:

Here is another beauty product from one of Korea’s beauty brands, Skinfood, Black Sugar Perfect First Serum. This was already released in other countries but its release here in Singapore is a little late. Before it will be made available for purchase in Skinfood Singapore stores, I was one of the few who was given an opportunity to use and review it. How??? Through their facebook page, of course. I’m always on the lookout for these kinds of opportunities.

Below is their invitation, but it was only for the first 10 lucky Skinfoodians. I sent my details a little too late and did not make it in the top 10. Fortunately, they gave chance to other participants since they received a lot of responses. So I was still lucky to be included hehe. Many thanks for your consideration!

(Above Photo Source: Skinfood Singapore Facebook Page)


Some information about the Black Sugar Perfect First Serum

  • it is made from Brazilian black sugar extract (isn’t that obvious? Hehe). I’m not sure what else is there. Everything else in the sampler bottle (except the front label) is in Korean. I cannot read Korean (-__-) But it is written in their brochure that the serum is free of the 6 harsh chemicals: benzophenone, mineral oil, silicone oil, sulfates, acrylamide, and talc.
  • it has 4 incredible benefits (as stated in their brochure): sloughs off dead skin cells, hydrates skin from the inside out, brightens and adds a healthy glow, increases skin’s resilience. It’s like saying that the serum is an “All-in-One” formula because it acts as an exfoliant, toner, moisturizer, and anti-aging product.
  • it comes with special cotton pads (eh? Special?). Will try to explain it later.
  • retail price is S$56.90 for the 120ml bottle.


My experience and observations

I picked up my Black Sugar Perfect First Serum 10ml sample from one of their retail stores. Included in the package were 2 pieces of their special cotton pads. The actual size (120ml) bottle in their brochure looks vintage, as if it’s been in the market for a long time haha. But I like it.

skinfood black sugar perfect first serum sample

The sample 10ml bottle is nothing like the actual bottle (because it’s just a sample, that’s why). But it doesn’t affect the effects of the serum so it doesn’t really matter.


I mentioned earlier that the package included 2 special cotton pads. Why is it special? Because it has two different sides. One side is the cleaning side, and the other is the absorbent side. Take a closer look:
skinfood special cotton pad 2

But they only gave us 2 pieces of these special cotton pads. I had no choice but to divide each of them into four.

So how do we apply the Black Sugar Perfect First Serum?

First step is to cleanse the face. Use your usual facial wash. Pat dry. Right after that, pour the serum into the cleaning side of the special cotton pad then wipe your face with it. This step will exfoliate your face in a gentle way. I included my neck in the process. You will be surprised that there are still dead skin cells on your face even after washing. Last step, use the absorbent side of the cotton pad to pat the remaining serum on your face. You may then proceed with your usual skincare regimen.

Time for my verdict.

The Black Sugar Perfect First Serum has a mild, sweet scent. I’m not sure if the scent is similar to brown sugar (Gaah! I’m bad at describing it). Don’t worry, it’s not bothersome. I expected the color to be dark brown because of its name, but I was surprised to see that it was clear (not clear as water, though). When I wiped my face with the soaked special cotton pad, it was gentle on my face. There was no stinging feeling and the serum was not greasy at all. And though the cotton pad looks rough, it doesn’t feel like it.

cotton pad before and after wiping face with black sugar perfect first serum

I used to think that my face was already clean after washing. The serum proved me wrong. I now know that’s not always the case. Who would have thought that there were still dead skin cells on my face even after washing. The serum, with the aid of the special cotton pad, was able to remove the dirt that I thought wasn’t there. As an exfoliant and toner, the Black Sugar Perfect First Serum did a great job.

After exfoliating my face and neck, I used the absorbent side of the cotton pad to pat my face. I think this step is for moisturizing my skin. I put on a few more drops of the serum on the cotton (just because) before the patting. My face absorbed the serum right away. It made my face soft and squeaky clean (yes it was like that when I touched it). The squeaky feeling will only last for a few minutes. After a while, I felt that my face was deeply moisturized (I did not use any moisturizer just to make sure). Not to mention, I also looked blooming, haha. Another plus points for being a good moisturizer!

As for being an anti-aging product, I can’t really say. I’ve only been using the product for more than a week so I don’t know if it will remove wrinkles or fine lines (mine are not that visible, anyway). But I can say that the serum made my skin look less and less dull each time I use it :)

before and after using black sugar perfect first serum2

This product made me want to try their other Black Sugar products. Well, maybe next time hehe.

Thank you, Skinfood!


Want to know more? Visit and like Skinfood Singapore Facebook Page.


NOTE: Although this is a sponsored review, I’ve written my honest opinions and results based on my experience.


    1. Hi! :) Hmm you’re right. It is hard to tell in the picture. Specially because I submitted this review only a week after receiving and using the product. But you know, I did receive compliments from a friend :)

    1. julianne Author

      hello there diana! :) well for me, this serum worked wonders (as a toner and moisturizer. i haven’t applied moisturizer after i have used this one). but i am not sure if the results will be the same for other skin types. try asking for a sample from skinfood before buying the actual product :)


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