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Review: Tmart Sweet Color Nail Polish – Purple and Golden [Sponsored]

Look at these pretty nail polishes! I received two colors of the same brand but I will review them both in one post.

tmart sweet nail polish

Brand: Tmart
Name: Sweet Color Nail Polish 12mL (in their website it’s Sweet Color Environmental Protection Nail Polish and Sweet Color Environmental Nail Polish Bright Color Nail Polish. Maybe it’s the translation. I don’t know..)
Colors: Purple and Golden


The packaging is really nice. The lid/handle has a golden shimmering color which makes it look like an expensive and classy bottle. Aside from the shimmering colors of the nail polishes, I also got attracted to the packaging  itself. Very pretty.

tmart sweet nail polish_purple

tmart sweet nail polish_gold


Tmart’s Sweet Color Nail Polish can last up to three years, as seen at the bottom of the bottle. But like all other nail polishes, these babies must be stored in a cool place with a consistent temperature. I found Michelle Phan’s post about the Do’s and Don’ts of nail polish very helpful.

tmart sweet nail polish_shelf life


The brush is a kind of thick, or maybe it just looks thick because of all the glitter. But yeah, it is thick. This is not really a problem if you know how to apply nail polish :) The purple one has a lot of glitter. Every time I dip the brush, almost all parts of the brush is covered in glitter.

tmart sweet nail polish_purple_consistency


Here are my nails after application of the first coat (forgive me, I haven’t had a manicure in this picture). The polish becomes partially dry for about a minute or less after application, making it easier for me to apply the next coat. One must be fast when applying the polish as it dries up quick (yes, the one on the brush).

tmart sweet nail polish_purple_one coat


I like the gold one, too. It has bigger glitters and a few small ones. I had to dip several times to get a lot of the big ones. Applying them, however, is a different story. Every time I apply the polish, the glitters that’re already on my nails seem to stick back to the brush (this doesn’t only happen to this specific brand. I think all nail polishes with this kind of style have the same problem. but it’s really not a biggie). I had to use the brush vertically to put the big glitters back in place.

tmart sweet nail polish_gold_consistency


After two coats, here’s the result. Tada! They’re beautiful inside the bottles and on my nails! :)

tmart sweet nail polish_2 coats


But after taking two showers, my polish started to chip off :( Maybe because I just didn’t prepare my nails right before the application (Okay fine, next time I apply the polish I will get a manicure!). Tmart’s Sweet Color Nail Polish is not really that expensive, so I guess you would still get value for your money. I will reapply these products and update this post if the polish won’t chip off under the same conditions.

tmart sweet nail polish_second day after application


All in all, the nail polishes are okay :) Quality is not exactly top of the line, but you do get what you paid for. I was quite satisfied. If you’re the kind of person who changes their nail polish every other day, then the chip off issue will be the least of your worries. But if you’re the opposite, maybe this polish is not for you.

Price and Availability

The prices vary depending on the warehouse where it came from. Apparently, Tmart has a policy regarding shipping from different warehouses. I might confuse you so it’s better to just visit Tmart’s website. For the meantime, I will provide you the International Warehouse Price.

Tmart Sweet Color Nail Polish Purple 12mLPhp 191.58 (USD 4.24)
Tmart Sweet Color Nail Polish Golden 12mLPhp 201.57 (USD 4.37)

Both colors can be purchased in Tmart’s website. Tmart offers worldwide free shipping. I haven’t really tried ordering from Tmart so I can’t comment on this matter.

NOTE: Although this is a sponsored review, I’ve written my honest opinions and results based on my experience.

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