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Shu Uemura 6 Hearts Princess Pre-launch Party at ION Orchard last October 25, 2013

Shu Uemura just released a holiday collection for 2013. Introducing the Six Hearts Princess collection by internationally renowned contemporary artist Takashi Murakami. The concept of this collection is the “dual beauty” of pink and black princesses. Every woman has their light (pink) and dark (black) side, as seen on manga and anime.

shu uemura_six hearts princess


(Photos Source: Shu Uemura website)


You might think that I got invited again for the launch of this collection. Nope. In fact, since I am a new blogger in the fashion and beauty category, I never get invited to events (except for that one time during the Bio-essence Face Lift Challenge). So I just rely on Facebook notifications and other advertisements in order to be updated and be able to grab an opportunity. In other cases, I PAY just to join an event. Like what happened at the pre-launch of Six Hearts Princess collection. Below is the invite uploaded by Shu Uemura Singapore.

shu uemura invite to six hearts princess pre-launch party singapore 2013

(Photo Source: Shu Uemura Singapore Facebook Page)


The event was not free, but anyone who paid the S$10 voucher plus RSVP for the event will be entitled for a door gift worth S$50 (that’s what’s indicated in the invite. Unsure? Read again.). “Hmm, not bad.” I thought to myself. So roomie and I reserved a slot and paid the S$10 voucher. I was actually thinking of using the voucher in case I find something that I like. But if I won’t be able to use it, at least I still have the door gift worth S$50.

I had high expectations of the event since Shu Uemura is known internationally, not to mention they sell expensive products. I remember the first time I attended a pre-launch event (and I also reserved a slot just to get in but it was FREE) and I was expecting that Shu Uemura would do the same. But they didn’t. I mean, come on, no food? Not even appetizers or refreshments? And you call that a party? Pft. Maybe because the people who attended the event were ordinary people???


Seriously, I envy those bloggers who are invited to every event (I know they worked hard to achieve that status, that’s why I am also doing my best to get to where they are now). But I do hope that someday “ordinary people” will have a chance to experience being a VIP once in a blue moon.

Moving on… The so-called party was held at the Shu Uemura ION Orchard branch. Since the branch is so small and there are no doors, everyone was right outside the store. Even passers by can watch the entire event (and I saw several guys who took pictures of the “princesses” and the cosplayers holding the shu uemura sign). And the shop stayed open to cater the people who just wanted to buy their products. So I guess you could say that it was not a private event.

shu uemura_six hearts princess pre-launch party singapore_03

The event started a little past 7PM. The black and pink princesses were seated in front so everyone could see the makeup demonstrations of the two different looks using the pink and black palette.

The Black Princess

shu uemura_black princess_makeup demo_02

shu uemura_black princess_makeup demo_01


The Pink Princess

shu uemura_pink princess_makeup demo_02

shu uemura_pink princess_makeup demo_01


Here are the pictures of the product that I took during the event. For a person who does not earn a single penny, they are quite expensive (sorry, I’m guilty). The pink/black palette is around S$98, the fake eyelashes is worth more than S$100+, and the lip and cheek stain is S$33. So, ummm…. no, thanks.

shu uemura_six hearts princess pre-launch party singapore_02

shu uemura_six hearts princess_false eyelashes

shu uemura_six hearts princess_brushes and nail polish

The packaging is cute, though. It’s like a cross between sailor moon and pokemon.

(Photo Source)

(Photo Source)

Here’s the animation for the Six Hearts Princess collection drafted and directed by Takashi Murakami.

The event did not end there. There was also a pink and black princesses bento box demonstration by Little Miss Onigiri, Shirley Wong (Ms. Shirley, I want you to know that I enjoyed this presentation better. 本当に。). かわいですね。

shu uemura six hearts princess pre-launch party_bento by little miss onigiri_02

shu uemura six hearts princess pre-launch party_bento by little miss onigiri


So there, that concludes the event. At the end of all the demonstrations, I was looking forward to getting my door gift (as what was stated in the invitation, a S$10 voucher needs to be purchased and a reservation must be made. I did all those). BUUUUT, when I asked about it, they told me that when I make a purchase, they will hand the door gift. I was like “What, I need to purchase something?”


Okay, so I tried looking for a product that I can somehow afford. But it’s Shu Uemura! There’s nothing I could afford! Who am I kidding?! T_T I decided not to buy anything because: 1) The cheapest product they have is worth S$33, it’s still expensive for me; 2) I don’t go out much so I don’t need makeup. It’s not worth it to spend my husband’s hard-earned money just for a lip/cheek stain; 3) My husband likes it better when I don’t wear makeup.

I said goodbye to my S$10 (the one I paid for the voucher) and my S$50 worth of door gift. We just took one last picture with the cosplayers before we left the Shu Uemura shop.

shu uemura_six hearts princess pre-launch party singapore_01

Then we walked away with nothing but my $10 voucher (which is now useless since it was only valid that day). I never looked back. I just wondered: if all paid events are like this, I will never attend again. Ever.

To you who’s reading this: before attending any event, ask what you need to ask before you confirm your attendance.