Skin damages caused by the sun

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Because we want to achieve the perfectly sun-kissed skin, most of us, especially people with fair skin, opt for sunbathing to tan ourselves. We lay our bodies under the sun and let our skin get soaked by the warm sunshine. But like in most things, anything done too much leads to harm. While it’s tempting to stay as long as we can in the sun, there are things we should keep in mind when enjoying the sunlight.

Melanin is the dark pigment within our skin that dissipate 99.9% of our absorbed UV radiation. When our skin is exposed to sunlight, our body produces melanin to protect the skin cells from damage, hence the tanning of skin.

Some people are naturally born with enough melanin on their skin and some are not. So if you’re fair-skinned and it’s difficult for your skin to tan, chances are your melanin levels are low — which also means that you are most vulnerable to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Our skin can only take too much. Excessive exposure of the skin to UV rays results to skin damage, ranging from mild harm like skin dehydration to life-threatening diseases such as skin cancer.

So before you decide to spend hours under the scorching sun, inform yourself about the damages it can bring to your skin and health with this infographic from SkinCell Advanced Aesthetics, a reputable advanced aesthetics center in the Philippines with derma clinics in the key cities of Metro Manila.

SkinCell Advanced Aesthetics


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