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The Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream Event at Compass Point last August 31, 2013

mega face lift v challenge

(Photo Source: Bio-essence Facebook Page)

I received an email from EK Media last August 22 saying that I was invited at the Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream Event as a Guest Blogger. I actually couldn’t believe that I was invited! This was a great opportunity for me, especially because I am new to beauty blogging. As much as I wanted to attend the event, unfortunately I have other plans for that day (I was in my hometown for a couple of days). But I was able to work things out with EK Media and they agreed that I can send my proxy (whew!). So, many thanks to my BFF for attending the event for me :)

The event was held at the Compass Point Atrium last August 31, 2013 from 3:00-5:00 PM. My BFF and the other beauty bloggers had to meet Ms. Efaine from EK Media 30 minutes before the event starts. At the atrium, you can see the color BLUE everywhere: the blue products of Bio-essence, the blue shirt of the staff, the blue stage. Even the cupcakes [for the bloggers] were blue!

cupcakes bioessence face lift cream event bioessence face lift cream event

The bloggers had separate cocktail tables [and were not included during the challenge] where all the products from the Bio-essence ATP V series and other Bio-essence products were laid out for trial.

Although all the products from the Bio-essence ATP V series were presented at the event, the main star was the Face Lifting Cream. There were a lot of challengers who wanted to see what the Face Lifting Cream can do in such a short period of time. At the beginning of the challenge, the angle of the challengers’ faces were measured.

tool to measure the angle of the face

All of the ATP products were applied to the challengers’s faces, starting from the Deep Cleansing Milk up to the Face Lifting Cream. The host was speaking in Chinese as each of the products were applied (actually the whole event was in Chinese so my BFF couldn’t understand what they’re saying. If I was there my ears probably bled. Kidding, haha).

Bio-essence ATP V Series (Steps 1-4)

bio-essence face lifting cream

After applying everything, their faces were once again measured to check if their facial contours were lifted. The challenger with the greatest difference won a Bio-essence gift pack. Congratulations to the winner! And of course the bloggers also took home the three treasures of the ATP V Series: Deep Exfoliation Gel, Radiant Youth Essence, Face Lifting Cream. And also the big bottle of Bio Spring Water. Yey!

Here are more pictures.