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The Body Shop Honeymania Event at Paragon last September 19, 2013

Honeymania EDM Invite(Photo Source: Email from The Body Shop)

Ah, yes! I was invited again to another private event. This time it’s an invite to the launch of the new product range of The Body Shop on their 37th year, the Honeymania range. But I wasn’t really invited without an effort on my part. I just came across their advertisement posted on The Body Shop Facebook Page (see the picture below). As soon as I saw it, I sent the details they asked for. Fortunately, they emailed me seven days later inviting me and a friend to the event. Yey!

1265838_10151916594067323_124733079_o(Photo Source: The Body Shop Facebook Page)

I was so excited when I received their invite. I just had one problem: I don’t know who to take with me. My other girl friends were so busy with work that they declined my invitation :( Good thing though, a friend [from my college days] had a day off from work on the day of the event and she agreed to come with me. I haven’t seen my friend Apple for more than two years, so this was a great time to bond and catch up :)

Apple and I met an hour early so we could grab a bite before heading to The Body Shop Paragon branch. I wish we didn’t because there was food at the event! I didn’t know, huhu (sorry, I’m a noob). Anyway, at first I was hesitant to enter the shop because everyone seemed to know each other (well, the other bloggers are well-known and get invited all of the time). I was a bit shy, but I was with my friend so I conquered that fear haha. I introduced myself to the organizers and they immediately knew that I got the invite from facebook (because I’m a noob blogger). We came in and took pictures and enjoyed the rest of the evening :)

The Body Shop Paragon Singapore

The Body Shop Singapore Honeymania Range

The Body Shop Singapore Honeymania Event


Okay, before I continue about what happened at the event, let me tell you a little something about the Honeymania range. These products are made with Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia. The bees are wild and they are free to roam the rainforest. They choose to colonize the hive and move onto a new home after harvesting (source: The Body Shop Honeymania Issue). In other words, bees are not harmed :)

presentation at the honeymania singapore event


Moving on…

Guests were given a card which has a picture of a cute bee. We were tasked to find those bees inside the store and count them all.

Honeymania baby bees hunt

honeymania baby bee hunt


Apple told me we don’t need to count. Since it’s The Body Shop’s 37th anniversary, the number of bees must also be 37. We just wrote 37 without counting. And it turned out that we were right haha. Too bad our names were not drawn. The winner took home The Body Shop Tea Tree Range.

The food was great, by the way. Not to mention ADORABLE :D But I only managed to eat a cupcake with the bee on top (I was so full because we already ate dinner as I said earlier).

food at the honeymania event singapore

cupcakes with bee on top

honeymania cupcake

Instead of a photo booth, they hired InstaprintSG. How does it work? You take a photo, upload it with a unique hashtag (in this case it’s #honeymaniasg), then they print it for you. And they don’t use the usual photo paper. The final product looks more like an ID. Cool, huh? However, when I uploaded pictures on instagram, they couldn’t find it. I’m pretty sure my account is set to PUBLIC. Is it because I’m running Instagram as a sideload app on Blackberry Z10? Still clueless. So Apple had to re-upload my photos using her Samsung Note II.


instaprint_final product


This is my favorite part of the event: the DIY necklace, sponsored by Operation Overhaul. The necklace resembles a honeycomb with the colors of yellow, black and clear white. We had to put them altogether, depending on the design we wanted, as long as the piece that carries The Body Shop’s logo will be at the middle.

DIY necklace by operhaul

honeymania singapore event DIY necklace

apple and I at the Honeymania event 02

apple and I at the Honeymania event


After the activity, everybody felt like a winner :) And we got to take home all the products from the Honeymania range. Awesome!

the body shop honeymania range

I will do a separate post for the reviews of these products. Watch out for it :)