The new path I’m taking

Wow two months without writing. How lazy am I. Forgive me for I have been busy with packing and unpacking (we moved back to our home country. It was difficult to stuff things inside the boxes to be sent home, then take them out again to be sorted once they arrived. Ugh.), and of course the holidays. People are always busy during the holidays.

Happy New Year by the way! 2013 was not really my year. I’ve had so many struggles with job hunting, I’m unemployed and had a difficulty adjusting to the situation that I got really depressed and frustrated. I don’t want to look back… So I hope this 2014 will be so much better :) Specially now that I have taken a step forward to a different path. Remember the About Me page? Yes, my passion is something else and it is not in the IT industry. I’m talking about fashion. I want to take this seriously so I enrolled myself in a Basic Fashion Design class. It will be my first day tomorrow at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines and I couldn’t be more excited! :)

I want to tell the story how I ended up enrolling in a fashion-related course instead of improving my knowledge in the field of IT by learning another programming language blah blah. But I’m really sleepy so I will just update this page after tomorrow’s class.



    1. julianne Author

      Yes! IT was not my long term plan to begin with. I’ve been thinking of quitting for years but I never had the chance to do it (because of the money) until now. So goodbye IT! I will never look back haha.


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