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The USOplus shopping experience

I have always loved how Japanese women dress themselves. In fact, I love it so much that sometimes I dress like them — minus the eye enlarging makeup and the high heels.

Unfortunately, I don’t see much Japanese-style of clothing in Philippine malls (maybe because I don’t go out much and explore). So my clothes are very limited :(

And then there are those online shops that sell Japanese/Korean style of clothes (or so they say) for 400 to 1000 pesos but they are not the best when it comes to quality (kind of a rip off, huh). I tried to purchase from one of those sellers  a few years back. The clothes looked great in pictures but when I received them, they were NOT what I was expecting. It’s cheap-looking and the fabric faded after a few washes. The experience was a big disappointment so I never tried to buy clothes online again.

Enter — the newest online shopping website to hit the Philippines! With the increase in demand of functional, yet fashionable pieces, USOplus is giving women access to a style for every story, delivered straight to their home.

uso plus

USOplus is a one-of-a-kind online shopping website that focuses on providing affordable, yet high quality clothing, accessories, bags, and shoes. Ah, my kind of shop! It’s online and it offers clothing that suits me.

How do I know that shopping at USOplus won’t be like my previous online shopping experience? Well, I was invited to their media launch last 19th of March 2015 and was given a chance to experience what it’s like to shop at USOplus (although not online). Everything was so lovely that I would have taken all the clothes home if I could (just kiddin’). You would know just by looking that these are high quality clothing and yet they are affordable (there are pieces that are a bit pricey though).



We got to choose what clothes we wanted to wear for our OOTD photo shoot :) I was wearing sneakers that time so I had a bit of a hard time choosing my ensemble from their selection. Apparently, most of what they displayed were a bit too girly for me, and that was not the look I was going for. But I still think they’re cute :)


The shopping experience at USOplus
Attendees during the USOako USOplus Media Launch were welcomed with more than  a hundred
pieces to choose from all available on (Photo from Green Bulb PR)


Choosing and trying on clothes from USOplus with Mae from
(Photo from Green Bulb PR)


Guests from both Taiwan and the Philippines were present during the launch
at White Space, Makati last March 19, 2015. (Photo from Green Bulb PR)


On stage toasting to USOplus were (L-R) Director of Taiwan Trade in Manila Mr. Lan, TID Group and USOplus President Mr. Wayne Chi, USOplus CEO Ms. Ruby Hung, Supervisor of Industry Development  Augmentation Division in Taiwain Ms. Lai, and the event’s host Nicole Andersson. (Photo from Green Bulb PR)

The USOplus shopping experience wasn’t the only thing that was fun that day, I got to experience being a model, too. Haha! Our hair and makeup were done by the wonderful ladies from Hazel Gonzales Studio.


The hair and make up station where guests were glammed up for their photo shoots. (Photo from Green Bulb PR)


Studio photos were taken by Joseph Pascual.

So are you also a fan of Japanese/Korean style clothing? Head to now and shop shop shop!
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USOplus from head to toe(Photo Source: USOplus Facebook Page)

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