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Tried contouring and highlighting for the first time with the help of W-Lab 3D Face Stick + Review

As I was shopping online at Althea, I came across two products that made me want to try contouring/highlightingThe 3D Face Highlighter and Shading Stick from W-lab. They were also tagged as “Editor’s Pick” which made me want it more. The instructions and other photos were pretty convincing, too. I haven’t tried contouring and highlighting on my own before. It’s something I’d like to leave to professionals. But since I can now apply basic makeup — good enough for daily wear, it’s time to step it up a notch.

WLAB_3D stick
(Photo from Althea Korea)
How to use WLAB_3D stick
(Photo from Althea Korea)
WLAB_3D stick_contouring and highlighting steps
(Photo from Althea Korea)

Easier said than done.

Here I am applying the 3D Face Sticks (only on half of my face).




They were easy to apply but I struggled when I tried to blend them. The tutorials I watched on YouTube made it seem like a piece of cake.



I guess I need a beauty blender and stippling brush to achieve a more noticeable effect. Or maybe I need more practice haha. It’s a shame though if I just use these Korean makeup for practice, but what choice do I have? If I don’t use it, then my face stick will be a waste. I’ll get better in time. If I do, I’ll show it to you :)

More about W-lab 3D Face Sticks

Brand: W-Lab
Product Name: 3D Face Highlighter Stick and 3D Face Shading Stick
Purpose: For contouring and highlighting several features of the face
Price: Php600 each stick, Php1100 if you buy both
Availability: Althea Korea Philippines

W-Lab 3D Face Stick

W-Lab 3D Face Stick 02

shade stick and highlighter stick swatches

3d face highlighter stick features
Photo from Althea Korea
Photo from Althea Korea
Photo from Althea Korea

My Verdict

  • The 3D shading and highlighter sticks are easy to apply. It’s like using a lipstick and spreading it all over your face.
  • Blends easily, but make sure you’re using the right tool to achieve a more noticeable effect.
  • The highlighter stick has a light shimmer and dewy effect. Applying a loose powder on top of everything makes it seem more natural.
  • The sticks feel so thick on my face (maybe because I am not used to having too much makeup). But the good thing is it doesn’t crease on skin and it didn’t feel oily the whole time I was wearing it. The highlighter stick moisturized my face as well. Take note that I have oily/dry skin.
  • For its price, it’s definitely a good bargain. When you buy each individually, they cost Php600 each. Buy both at the same time and pay only Php1100 instead of Php1200.
  • I wish the character on the packaging was smiling though. It doesn’t look too happy :)) But still cute :)


NOTE: This is not a sponsored review. I’ve written my honest opinions and results based on my experience.

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