What happened when I wasn’t here (as of August 20, 2014)

Hello again. It’s been two months… Well, I’ve been pretty busy with fashion, pattern-making and sewing lately. So my blog got neglected for a few months :( Now that I have the day off, I decided to postpone making my projects today and just focus on writing. Hopefully I can write more than one entry.

So here’s a summary of what I have been doing when I wasn’t writing:

  • I took up the course Basic Pattern-making from March to April 2014 at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines
  • I took up the courses Advanced Fashion Design, Advanced Pattern-making and Haute Couture from May to June 2014 at the same school
  • I started sewing classes last August 1, 2014 at the same school and I am currently working on Project 2
  • I became an intern from May to June 21, 2014 for Francis Libiran for his Bridal Collection 2014
  • I worked on my Fashion Portfolio for my Advance Fashion Design course
  • I am currently working on my Advanced Pattern-making project (and I am struggling!)
  • A couple of family members came home last July 2014 and stayed for a few weeks so it’s been chaotic, haha!
  • I had a few trips to Divisoria (located somewhere in Manila) and bought several stuff I could use for sewing projects. And hubby finally bought me a dress form. Yey!
  • I have been doing several research about fashion, pattern-making and sewing. Apparently, what I learned in school isn’t enough. I still want more.

See? I told you I was busy. But I know it’s not an excuse for not writing. Will try my best to make time to write every week :) And I am adding a new category – “Sewing”. It is different from the stuff I used to write but so what? I like it and it’s going to my blog ^_^

By the way, my site just turned 1 last June 2014 :) And I’m glad people still stumble upon my blog even if I don’t post often. Thanks!


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